Mark 8 Cigarette Making Machine

Mark8 Cigarette Making Machine

编码: Mark 8 类别:

MK8 Cigarette Making Plug Assembling combination consists of MK8 cigarette maker, MAX3 plug assembler and double row catcher, which are originated from Molins MK8 and Hauni MAX3. It has following features:

•PLC control and frequency inverter for main motor.
•Power requirement:
  Maker: 9.3W
  Plug assembler: 7.3W
•Compressed air required: 110-130m3/h(0.05~0.08Mpa)
•Machine weight:
  Maker: 3.05t
  Plug assembler: 1.8t
•Machine measurements: (LxWxH)
  Maker: 3259x1200x1800mm
  Plug assembler: 2860x1050x2200mm

Techical Info

主要技术参数 Main Parameters :

# 名称 Items 参数 Parameters
  生产速度 Output
1 卷烟速度 Production speed 2000cig/min
2 烟条速度 Rod Speed 140-175m/min
3 刀头转速 Cut-off Speed 2000-2500r/min
  产品范围 Product Dimension
4 滤嘴烟支长度 Filter Cigarette Length 65-120mm
5 卷烟部分长度 Rod Cigarette Length 45-90mm
6 卷烟部直径 Rod Cigarette Diameter 6.3-9.0mm
7 滤棒长度 Filter Plug Length 60-159mm
8 滤嘴长度 Filter Tip Length 5-30mm
9 滤嘴直径 Filter Tip Diameter 6.3-9.0mm
10 水松纸长度 Tipping Paper Length 13-45mm
  工作条件 Ambient Conditions
11 气源压力 Air Pressure 6×105pa
12 工作压力 Working Pressure 4×105pa
13 电源电压 Supply Voltage 380±38V(3phases)
14 照明电压 Lighting Voltage 20±22V
15 频率 Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
  机器重量 Machine Weight
16 卷烟机 Maker 3050KGS
17 接装机 Plug Assembler 1800KGS
18 装置总功率 Total Power 17KW


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