Mark 9 Cigarette Making Machine

Mark9/MaxS Cigarette Making Machine

编码: Mark 9 类别:

This product has been upgraded with AC servo driving system that simplifies the mechanical structures and reduces the failure and maintenance cost, and improves the transmission precision. As the result, the operation of this machine is more precise and thus high quality output is guaranteed.
Microwave weight control system is adopted.
Friendly human-machine interface with features of easier production parameter setting, working condition real-time displaying, shift production statistic output, and machine fault alarming and trouble shooting solutions.
•Cigarette length: 65-110mm(tobacco rod length and filter length can be tailor made)
•Cigarette diameter: 5.4-9mm
•Total power consumption: 50kw
•Machine measurements: (LxWxH)
  Mark9 tobacco rod maker: 3630x1270x870mm

  MAXS filter assembler: 3340x1340x1820mm

  HCF80 Tray loader: 2350x2400x2100mm

Techical Info

主要技术参数 Main Parameters :

# 名称 Items 参数 Parameters
  生产速度 Output
1 卷烟速度 Production speed(King Size) 5000cig/min
2 卷烟速度 Production speed(Supper Slim) 3500cig/min
  产品范围 Product Dimension
3 滤嘴烟支长度 Filter Cigarette Length 65~110mm±0.5mm
4 卷烟部分长度 Rod Cigarette Length 55~90mm
5 卷烟部直径 Rod Cigarette Diameter 5.4~9.0mm
  工作条件 Ambient Conditions
6 气源压力 Air Pressure 6×105pa
7 电源 Supply Voltage 380VA±10%(3phase)
8 频率 Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
9 总功率 Total power 50KW
10 总重量 Total Weight 8600KGS
  外形尺寸 Outside dimension
11 卷烟机 Maker 4185×1390×2100MM
12 接装机 Plug Assembler 3557×1537×2210MM
13 装盘机 Tray filler 3350×2530×1900MM


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