Protos 70 Cigarette Making Machine

Protos 70 Cigarette Making Machine

编码: Protos 70-CH 类别:

This product is for making filter cigarette with different diameter and length. It consists of tobacco rod maker, filter assembler, and tray loader. It can be linked with down stream cigarette packer by tray loader and tray unloader, or it can be directly linked with cigarette packer by link-up system.

High quality of cigarette output: it has functions of filter missing detection, air leakage inspection and loose-end detection to ensure qualified cigarette output.

Complete trouble shooting system: it has function of fault alarm, fault displaying and fault diagnosis which can help shooting the trouble effectively.

Prefect cigarette weight control system: by adopting microwave weight control system, it can control cigarette weight precisely and thus save cut-tobacco consumption.

Low wastage: this machine is with stable running performance and high operating efficiency, and as the result, the wastage ratio is extremely low and running cost of this machine is reduced.

•Cigarette length: 65-120mm(tobacco rod length and filter length can be tailor made)
•Cigarette diameter: 5.4-9mm
•Filter Length: 10~25mm(4cut) or 15~35mm(4cut)
•Total power consumption: 47kw
•Dimension(L× W× H): 6740mm×6030mm×2600mm(U)
•Total Weight: 10080kgs

Techical Info

主要技术参数 Main Parameters :

# 名称 Items 参数 Parameters
  生产速度 Output
1 卷烟速度 Production speed 7000cig/min
2 烟条速度 Rod Speed 490m/min
  产品范围 Product Dimension
3 滤嘴烟支长度 Filter Cigarette Length 65mm~120mm
4 卷烟部分长度 Rod Cigarette Length 54mm~90mm
5 卷烟圆周 Cigarette Circumference 21.7mm~28.3mm
6 滤棒长度 Filter Length(1rod/6) 20mm~24mm
7 滤嘴长度 Filter Length(1rod/4) 24mm~30mm
  工作条件 Ambient Conditions
8 压缩空气消耗量 Compressed Air consumption 34 m3/H
9 工作压力 Working Pressure ≥0.6mp
10 排气量(中央除尘装置) Air exhausting(Central dust extraction) 2700 m3/H
11 电气系统额定功率 Rated Power For Electrical System 44.5KW
12 总功率 Total power 47KW
13 外形尺寸 Dimension (LXWXH) 6740mm x 6030mm x 2600mm
14 整机重量 Total Weight 10080kgs


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