FRM100 Filter Rods Making Machine


This product is composed of opening&gluing machine and filter rods shaping machine. Through such procedure as air opening, screw opening, gluing, packing and rolling, side sealing, shaping and cutting manufactures the filter rods of equal length that comply with the requirements for butting.

This unit operates in 2-stage air opening and 2-stage screw roller opening. The cigarette pipe from this unit is an integral one, good roundness of filter rods will be guaranteed. Cornstarch paste is used for side packing, thus firm bonding is ensured. With the using of a seven-vane expansion and shrinkage fabric tape wheel, the errors of filter rods length could be effectively controlled. This machine unit has simple structure, steady and reliable performance, and it is easy to operate. The filter rods made by this unit can meet the requirements of high-speed butting.

This unit allows side sealing with pasting device or automatic-flow PVA white emulsion device, and can use split pipe or integral pipe with double searing irons.

Techical Info

主要技术参数 Main Parameters :

# 名称 Items 参数 Parameters
1 产能 Product Capacity 110 meters/min.
2 滤棒长度 Filter Length 90~132 mm±0.50
3 滤棒圆周 Filter Circumference 24.2-24.5 mm±0.20
4 圆度误差 Roundness Errol ≤0.35mm
5 整机功率 Total Power 8.5KW
6 气压流量 Compressed Air ≥0.3m3/min
7 气源压力 Pressured Air ≥0.5MPa
8 整机重量 Total Weight 2850KGS


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